Could you manage to pack for a holiday in hand luggage size case?

How to pack and


What to pick to pack!

A great article in the ‘Daily Mail’ I found on facebook on ‘How to pack a suitcase’. A former Bond Girl showed how to put 130 items into a hand luggage size case!

She uses elastic bands, zip lock bags and even rolls her clothes to maximise the space in her bag. Lightweight clothing is advised.  If you wish to look at how she does it –

I always have everything at least washed so I can make up my mind later.

I lay out what I believe need. It has been suggested to pack and repack making sure you only repack with the essentials.

Check that all events like swimming / walking or hiking up hills. Smart or smart casual or and relaxed clothing. An article of rainwear (some people like umbrellas instead) or even warmer clothing for colder holidays.  A sarong has a multitude of uses.

Toiletries she packed included a travel size shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste & too brush , deodorant ,conditioner, sunscreen, comb. Mosquito repellent might not always be wanted. I would also include moisturizer for the face. Sunscreen usually protects only and does not moisturize. Also I would take after-sun which could double up as a body lotion. Cotton wool balls cotton buds is worth squeezing in. Make-up remover especially if waterproof mascara. A good alternative is to have your eyelashes dyed!

Some people have to have hair straighteners remember the adapter if going abroad.

Make-up bag –


Eyeliner pencil

Face powder (this could be a bronzing powder instead)

Eyeshadow palette – I have 4 replaceable eye shadows when I travel in a small palette– a cool grey eyeshadow, a cool brown , white sparkle one and a base beige

I would only take 1 lipstick and a gloss not 2 lipsticks. Lipstick can be used as a blusher.

A foundation (I may take a light foundation and a darker one, if you are going to a sunny destination to mix as the holiday progress’s).

Several earrings as they are so small and light. Necklaces, one could be worn to traveling.  I am not a great bracelet fan, lots of people are.



Happy holiday xx


Hat or no Hat

If you are going to wear a hat it is really worth learning how to wear it so that it can enhance your outfit and you.

I have been told several times recently that hats are not being worn to weddings where the ceremony and reception is happening in one place.

I have never forgotten many many years ago when there had been a disagreement between Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom about wearing a big hat. They agreed on just wearing a small arrangement fascinator/ clip created by the florist. The Mother of the Bride was unfortunately struggling due to cancer treatment. What kept her going throughout the day and made her smile was the Mother of the Groom due to a bit of confusion was not aware she was wearing the flowers for the cake on her head! To this day it has been a secret.****

I was at the Royal Norfolk Show yesterday (30/6/16) hats and bigger fancier hats are always worn on day 1, a selection of smaller hats were worn on the 2nd day.

An elderly petite lady I noticed at the fashion show had a beautiful close fitting crisp black hat. It had an edge to it and it swept round the front of her forehead. It would have survived heavy winds! It really suited her small frame, did not drown her and she could see what has happening easily, no fuss.

A stand holder at the show who was a petite lady was wearing a fascinator right on top of her head. I have to say I have never seen this before. It was like she had sprouted a growth. Yes it gave her height but in the wrong way. If it had been clipped to the side of the head, so much better.  Margaret from Hats Francise (local hat hire here in Norwich at Horsford) saw some of the wedding photographs where I had been the makeup artist many years ago and she urged me to make sure all the ladies wore the hats correctly.  Margaret meant that you do not have a hat plonked on top of the head but placed to the side and forward of the head so you have to lift your head to see what is going on! Margaret is brilliant. You book some time at her house. You take your wedding outfit and put it on for her to see. Jewellery is always good to take as well if you can. You are able to try the hats on that she suggests will be best for you as a person and your outfit. Mother of the Brides, Grooms can have bigger hats! I am tall and love big hats anyway. Fascinators on me tend to look like I have sprouted something!

If I can help specila events go smoothly

****All names always withheld to avoid any embarrassment.


Image result for wedding hatsPhase Eight - Gloria Disc Fascinator

‘Gales, heavy rain & hairspray alert!

It’s your daughter’s / son’s Wedding day and weather predicted is ‘Gales and raining’. It’s the last thing you wanted for your son or daughter. There is nothing you can do about the weather but make the best of it.

A plan ‘B’ in place which includes umbrellas spare shoes, coats and changes of clothing could be good. Maybe even a hairdryer could be handy. Once, bridesmaids’ dresses had to be dried with hairdryer as just before they left for the ceremony the bridesmaids picked bouquets up and water went all down the front of the dresses. The florist had left all the flowers in water – hairdryer sorted the problem!

If you are having everything from ceremony to reception in the one hotel or venue you have less to worry about as long as guests are able to travel to the venue. If they do not know the area a warning text of roads to avoid could be good.

Many times extra white umbrellas have been supplied ready for the rain.  A great photoshoot if everyone is in wellies including the bride!!. One bride wore her Doc Martins! Well that was what she was known for.

A good photographer should have worked out alternative places in the dry to take all the photos.

Mother of the bride and groom have to make sure they have other shoes for the bride and themselves. Can of hairspray to hold the hair in place.

A rug of some sort may be a good idea to stop the bride’s shoes and her dress getting wet and muddy going to and from the car.  A nice warm shrug (to match the wedding dress) and keep the bride warm is a just in case precaution. I helped a bride make a Cinderella type cloak in a thick green velvet for a winter wedding in a conservatory. She looked amazing.

Please remember your little bridesmaids may need extra help to keep the warm and shoes dry. Their own coat may be kept handy and removed just for the photos. Little page boys I can imagine heading for all the puddles so wellies available!

One person as a point of contact for everyone (could be the best man), to always have his mobile phone on but silent even during the ceremony. Once a bride got stuck. Her car had broken down so was late for the church. She did not have any method of letting the groom know she was on her way as everyone had switched the phone off.

Weather being bad can cause holdups with the wedding cars. I have taken bride and Dad to church in Norwich. Her friend was due to drive everyone in turn to Norwich city centre. The traffic in Norwich had come to a standstill. We travelled via the Roman Catholic cathedral and got to the ceremony before her guests avoiding Grapes Hill gridlock.

Remember it’s a day full of memories there is nothing you can do about the weather but make the best of it!