Supermarket clothing is worth checking out as lots of good value and can save you money. I have always thought you could get some great basics from the supermarkets. If you have time it is worth comparing similar items to get the best.

I enjoyed ‘Shop well for less’ Television program on BBC1 Wednesday evening 5/9/18 ( Series 2 episode 3, link to the program is , In this episode the couple had always bought brand named clothes and were looking to save money.

The above episode they took 4 very similar men’s jackets. One was a Ted Baker, another Asda also Next  and  ASOS on models  into a shopping centre and asked the passing public which one they thought was the most expensive and which was the cheapest. The Next jacket at £160 came first was the best quality and style but Asda at £35 came close second.  Then ASOS followed by Ted Bakers which came last.

A previous week they had did a similar comparison with 4 men’s polo shirts in the street. There was not a clear winner!

This episode the man did spend £3000 on his watch that he did not even use to find out the time. He was considering an upgrade to £8000 but at the end of the program he had found suitable watches for much less!

So this episode showed branded most expensive items do not always mean the best. Next time you do your shopping in the supermarket have a quick look at clothing available you might be surprised.

If you can be open minded to changing your shopping habits.

There is so much clothing going into landfill. If you look around everyone is different, wearing different clothes. There is a huge choice think about what you already have in your wardrobe. Do you really love the new item of clothing? Will it fit in with what you already have. If you do not love it leave it!