Revealing your Signature Style

You are a unique and complex blend of personality traits, personal preferences, complexion, eye colour and body shape. Our mission is to help you to celebrate all these wonderful qualities, so that they add up to a beautiful, radiant you, expressed through your signature style.

So, if you feel that you’re in a rut or if you have a bulging wardrobe but ‘nothing to wear’, the Brenda Bowler Signature Style Service will help you to identify your own true beauty and give you the tools to make the right style choices for the rest of your life.

Signature Style consultations are available as a “One to One” or a Group session. Brenda also provides Style Workshops.

Unlocking your beauty

Brenda Bowler techniques begin with analysis. We talk about you, your lifestyle, your likes and dislikes and those elements that combine to make you so very special.

The very essence of you
This is exceptionally important. If you are to feel comfortable and confident at all times, we need to reflect your personality in your style. Are you an extrovert, gregarious, artistic, shy, organised, an earth-mother or sophisticate?The Brenda Bowler questionnaire identifies the essence of you.

How many foundation and skin products have you bought and failed to  use because none of them make you feel, well, like you? The Brenda Bowler system detects your exact skin tone and enables you to select the products that will complement your natural colouring and deliver radiance.

Are there things in your wardrobe that you love on the hanger but never actually wear? The chances are that they don’t feel right because they don’t fall into the colour spectrum that’s right for you.Often dictated by eye colour, the Brenda Bowler Colour Analysis System closes down the options that are wrong for you and opens up a world of possibilities. At the end of your consultation, you will receive your own colour swatch, an essential aid when you are shopping for those new clothes to enable you to buy with certainty.

There are few of us who don’t feel self-conscious about some feature of  our figures.By analysing your overall shape, your Brenda Bowler specialist will be able to offer style suggestions to accentuate your strongest features and create a pleasing balance to your figure.

Your Brenda Bowler specialist will guide you towards the hair style that complements your facial shape and the hair colour that works best with your complexion.

Make-up styling
Fully qualified Brenda Bowler Make-up Artists provide you with tips and techniques to accentuate your facial beauty. Your specialist will give your make-up bag an overhaul and make suggestions for new products.

Wardrobe overhaul
The Brenda Bowler service includes a comprehensive analysis of your wardrobe, with suggestions for up-cycling existing garments where possible.There is also a Personal Shopping service to help you re-vamp your wardrobe and fulfill your signature style.



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