How to pack and


What to pick to pack!

A great article in the ‘Daily Mail’ I found on facebook on ‘How to pack a suitcase’. A former Bond Girl showed how to put 130 items into a hand luggage size case!

She uses elastic bands, zip lock bags and even rolls her clothes to maximise the space in her bag. Lightweight clothing is advised.  If you wish to look at how she does it –

I always have everything at least washed so I can make up my mind later.

I lay out what I believe need. It has been suggested to pack and repack making sure you only repack with the essentials.

Check that all events like swimming / walking or hiking up hills. Smart or smart casual or and relaxed clothing. An article of rainwear (some people like umbrellas instead) or even warmer clothing for colder holidays.  A sarong has a multitude of uses.

Toiletries she packed included a travel size shampoo, conditioner, face wash, toothpaste & too brush , deodorant ,conditioner, sunscreen, comb. Mosquito repellent might not always be wanted. I would also include moisturizer for the face. Sunscreen usually protects only and does not moisturize. Also I would take after-sun which could double up as a body lotion. Cotton wool balls cotton buds is worth squeezing in. Make-up remover especially if waterproof mascara. A good alternative is to have your eyelashes dyed!

Some people have to have hair straighteners remember the adapter if going abroad.

Make-up bag –


Eyeliner pencil

Face powder (this could be a bronzing powder instead)

Eyeshadow palette – I have 4 replaceable eye shadows when I travel in a small palette– a cool grey eyeshadow, a cool brown , white sparkle one and a base beige

I would only take 1 lipstick and a gloss not 2 lipsticks. Lipstick can be used as a blusher.

A foundation (I may take a light foundation and a darker one, if you are going to a sunny destination to mix as the holiday progress’s).

Several earrings as they are so small and light. Necklaces, one could be worn to traveling.  I am not a great bracelet fan, lots of people are.



Happy holiday xx