Youtube Sewing Quarter 26th November 2018, Freeview  Channel 73 at 10.05-11.00  & 12.05-13.00   We all like different colours for different reasons Loving the chat about colour on Freeview Channel 73 Sewing Quarter. Some things I took from the TV program Brandon Mably has run Kaffe Fassett studio for a few years and he also collaborates with Philip Jacob so they end up with a nice mix up of three different styles. What they agree on is ‘You may not like what you have created but someone will’. Brandon was talking about his life and looked at the brand new Kaffe fabric collection. Brandon talked about colour ’popping out’ at you. When you are designing he said and showed how a wall of grey flannel fabric allows you to stand back and see how things come together. Leave yourself open to the unexpected. The grey flannel wall is great for designing quilts. When Brendon talked about colour he said ‘We all like colour for different reasons’. Every colour is affected by the colour next to it. This cannot all be decided in your mind’s eye. Place your quilting pieces together on the flannel then go and make a cup of tea. The fresh eye when you come back again will help you to see what works and what does not work. Giving yourself a break is a great idea for so many things when you get stuck. Brandon went on to say ’We all respond to colour individually, it is like a natural drug, you respond and feel it. You never stop learning about colour’. Every time Kaffe and Brandon work with colour they do not know what is going to work together. He said ‘we need to stand back, we all look better from a distance, up close you look at the little imperfections’. Think about when you admire great works of art in great galleries, they are huge rooms so you can stand back and admire the art. When designing a quilt it is a good idea to not restrict yourself, give yourself lots of options. I feel this idea can be used when trying to put outfits together in your wardrobe. Hang out a selection of clothes and accessories which you might like to wear. Then next morning, or later after a break,  you can look again and anything that stands out may need switching to your alternative options. Brandon said they find the right location and light to take pictures for the books they are working on then they go and make the quilts! Brandon found it difficult getting people past their prejudice about colour and size of print so using the grey flannel board you can create something completely,. Help yourself to get that little bit of special happening. Play with colour it can just lift you.