I have enjoyed past few months speaking on varies topics for special parties and monthly meetings in Sutton, Pulham Market, Acle, Sandringham and Surlingham.

I have been given lovely flowers, posies and always a warm welcome. Even a poem has been written for me by Sally Hudson.

Ode to a lipstick at Sandringham WI

I’ve tried a lot of lipsticks

But it really isn’t fair,

The wind blows right across my face

And the lippy’s stuck to my hair.

I choose with care the dress I wear

I want to look a ‘Chick’,

But checking in the bedroom mirror –

There is no right shade stick!

I must be a nervous gal,

I put my lipstick on…

But then I have a teensy drink –

And the lippy’s sort of gone’.

I either left it on the glass

Or smeared it on my face,

Please, Brenda, tell me what to do

To solve my lipstick case!

A big thank you to Sally. Thank you also to members of the Women’s Institute for the help and welcome  I receive. I hope everyone has a great summer