Beware I have not tried this myself, this is information I found which I thought would be helpful. I would suggest having a good look at these clips or similar before you give it a go. Starting very gently.

There are various DIY (do it yourself) tips and hints being created. I thought you always cut your fringe flat against your head!

‘This morning’ 3rd April 2020 was –

‘This morning’ TV 20/04/2020 had the same hairdresser Michael Douglas also giving tips on how to carefully cut your own hair.

Michael said there are lots of tips in Instagram. He cut ones sons head off totally and how to use clippers. How to do a fringe, lift the hair up. To keep the fringe longer at the sides is a softer effect.

If you do not have good scissors he suggested getting some from Amazon for about £20.

I caught a glimpse of this program for the first time 05/05/2020 sounded like good clear advice. I like the hair cutting tips and for the men in your life how to trim a beard!

Later on in the above episode Angela Rippon was saying how important a good hair cut was. She had been lucky enough to go and have her hair cut locally just before the lock down!!

Stay safe and have fun xx!