These were collected at a wedding show from previous brides. They were happy to pass on tips to help make your  day perfect. They should know as they have been through it themselves.

‘‘Someone keeps their phone on!’‘
One wedding the bride’s car had broken down and she could not tell anyone as everyone had turned their phones off.

‘‘Don’t keep checking the weather forecast, it will not change’‘
British weather can change and often the weather forecast is not right. All you can hope for is good weather but have a plan ‘B’ just in case. You will still get amazing photos, they might just have to be taken inside.

‘‘Let someone else organise it!’‘
It can be a stressful day, I remember a bride who was dyslexic she coped by having multiple spreadsheets.

‘‘Lots of support’‘
From everyone

‘‘Make sure everyone knows what they are doing’‘
It is the bride’s day and everyone is out to help make the day really special. It is the one day where everyone will be on her side.

‘‘No children’‘
This is a very difficult one especially where cost is involved. It is difficult if you want one child as a bridesmaid or page boy and not the other young child in the same family. Sounds amazing but I would say both have to be included.  No children can save you money as well.

‘‘Keep the little ones entertained with a sweetie / play area’‘
There are some great large garden games for adults as well

‘‘Planning and organising but relax and enjoy’‘
Something worth remembering but often not easy to do.

‘‘Organised & relaxing & patience’‘
Wise words


‘‘Be well organised, it will help you feel less stressed!’‘

‘‘Get your maid of honour to organise it’‘
Not sure if this meant the wedding or just the hen night. This totally depends on how good your maid of honour is and the trust you have in her.

‘‘Purchase wedding insurance – especially if you are having a marquee’‘
I am sure there is a story behind this one.

To end with

‘‘Marry the perfect man’‘ – Nothing to add here!

‘‘Whatever happens keep smiling’‘
When I got married the vicar got the words wrong. It made everyone laugh and made it more memorable.

Whatever happens it will be a fantastic day.

Brenda x